Timber Treatments

capricorn beetle

Timber treatment is carried out when beetles have infested timbers within a building.

Our qualified surveyor will asses if the type of beetle is still alive and active and what type of treatment is required. Not all beetles require treatments and some beetles can cause structural damage which may require investigating further.

Our treatments are usually a spray/brush applied, low odour preservative with a re-entry time of 1 hour.

Wet & Dry Rot

Timbers within a building with a moisture content of 20% or more are likely to be affected by wood rotting fungi. Experience tells us that this is normally caused by poor design or problems within the building. (i.e. water ingress, leaks and inadequate ventilation).

Once the affected area has been assesed, necessary treatments can be recommended i.e. (sterilization of walls, preservatives to timbers) and structural repairs carried out using pre-treated timbers.